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Knowledge platform on innovation and digitization in education

Breens is an interactive, multimedia platform that inspires and activates the user about everything related to innovation and digitization in education. With the goal of offering what the user needs / wants to know at that moment for his continuous development. And that based on his expertise and interest.

Starting from the individual student

Educator develops software applications for the field of education, the healthcare market and decentralized government institutions. From 2005 on, our applications have enhanced the opportunities for personal education. And so we contribute to well-organized schooling and effective student support.

Learning, connecting, innovating

IT-Workz translates technological developments into practical applications for secondary and vocational education. As a strategic Educational Technology partner, IT-Workz offers full automation and computerization of schools. Based on years of experience in education and broad IT expertise, it contributes to innovation, quality and durability in the educational industry.

The connecting link between vocational education and student is the premium portal for students in vocational education, enabling them to directly order everything they need throughout the school year. All participating educational institutions can prepare their own custom learning aid kits, making them readily available in our secure webshop, where offers the connecting link between school and student, handling all logistical and administrative processing.

Expert in software, licences and purchasing with corresponding services for schools

Since its establishment in 1992, SLBdiensten has gone from strength to strength, becoming one of the most sought-after software partners for secondary and vocational education institutions. With the expertise and purchasing power SLBdiensten brings to the table, schools benefit from a well-balanced, up-to-date product offering in the field of software and software licenses.

Software, hardware and accessories for The Learning Netherlands offers software, hardware and accessories for special education prices. And is committed to making and keeping the digital world accessible to the maximum population of pupils, students, parents, teachers and teaching assistants.

One-stop IT shop for training, learning and certifying is a unique place where teachers, teaching assistants, pupils and students in secondary and vocational education, meet to ‘train, learn and certify’ for all common software applications.

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